Web Apps for Business Process

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Menntor Web Apps

Create a web app for a business process and know that outcomes will improve

Each app helps users complete activities quicker, easier and to better standards through up to date instruction and delivery of all necessary content when it is needed

Have web apps for any or all of your business processes

It's like having a mentor by your side guiding and advising you, every step of the way

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Process Easy

With a web app available, each task in the process becomes easy to complete because the current version of the form along with specific instructions and any relevant content are at your fingertips

You save time because you don't have to try and find what you need

Colleague interruptions and mistakes can be eliminated

The process speeds up, becomes more cost effective and delivers better quality outcomes


Creating Web Apps

Create a web app in hours using the simple and intuitive interface. There's even an interactive guide to mentor you through the process

Map your process, build your form, add instructions and other content, test and tune, publish and use. It's so simple and easy

The app creator has been designed with the non technical user in mind so you don't have to be an IT expert


Pay a monthly subscription based on number of users

Ready made menntor web apps are already available for a range of business processes

Create as many web apps as you need for the same licence fee

Take a one month free trial

Signing up is easy and you will be able to start using your account within minutes